Salient aspects of our Code of Conduct

The object of the Society’s Code of Conduct & Professional Ethics is to ensure that advocates act independently, recognise and discharge their obligations in relation to the administration of justice and give to clients who choose them, services of the highest standard unqualified by personal interest.

A member advocate of the Gauteng Society of Advocates:

  • Owes the client a duty to be competent and professional in performing legal services on a client’s behalf;
  • Should be both honest and candid when advising clients;
  • Has a duty to hold in strict confidence all information concerning the business and affairs of the client acquired in the course of the professional relationship;
  • Should not act or continue to act in a matter when there is or there is likely to be a conflicting interest;
  • Is entitled to a reasonable fee for all services rendered – and – may draw a bill of costs for a client and may give an opinion on any matter arising from the bill of costs, draw submissions in taxation disputes or appear before a taxing master, on the instructions of his instructing attorney;
  • Owes a duty to the client not to withdraw services except for good cause and upon notice appropriate in the circumstances;
  • Unless otherwise provided, the code shall apply to- and bind all members.