Garnishing Orders

TAKE NOTICE THAT Application will be made on behalf of the above-named Applicant to the above Honourable Court on the [insert day] day of [insert month] 20 [insert year] at 08h30am or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard for an order in the following terms:

  1. that the debt comprising of the monthly rental of R [insert amount] payable by [insert name] (hereinafter called the Garnishee) to [insert name] (hereinafter called the Respondents) be and is hereby attached;

that the Garnishee pay the monthly rental of R [insert amount] to the Applicant or its attorneys on a monthly basis in order to satisfy the judgment or order obtained against the Respondents by the Applicant in the Durban Magistrates’ Court on the [insert date] for the amount of [insert amount] together with interest and costs (inclusive of the costs of this application) has been paid in full;

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