Pupillage Program

The Gauteng Society of Advocates engages in the training of pupils in fulfilment of its obligation to ensure the continued professionalism of advocate-practitioners of the law and the upliftment of previous disadvantaged groups, thus furthering the core precepts and practices of the South African legal profession.

Every advocate Member joining the Profession of Advocates at the GSA for the first time shall be subjected to undertake pupillage in accordance with the requirements and standards of the profession.

A member Advocate of the GSA shall be appointed as master to mentor newly admitted advocates to the profession.

The 1 year program includes extensive practical work at the proverbial coal-face, no less than 10 formal lecture sessions, a minimum of 6 targeted court attendances and report-back, 4 written- and 2 oral exams on an array of critical aspects of the law. Admission to examinations are subject to a pupil having met all required standards and have been found fit and proper to do so by the GSA’s Pupillage committee.

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