Salient aspects of our Constitution

The main business of the Gauteng Society of Advocates – which is and continues to be a distinct and separate legal entity – is to deal with all matters relating to the profession of advocates.

The Society is a non-profit-organisation within which Advocates from all sectors of society are incorporated as members, and whom individually and independently operate for their own accounts as separate legal entities.

The objectives of the Society include:

  • To maintain and enhance the prestige, status and dignity of member-advocates;
  • To encourage and promote efficiency and responsibility in relation to member-advocates;
  • To uphold and improve the standards of professional conduct and qualifications of advocates in general and especially member-advocates;
  • To provide for the effective control of the conduct of member-advocates;
  • To encourage the study of the law;
  • To initiate and promote reforms and improvements in the law and to co-operate with the Minister of Justice and any other Minister, State Department or Society to achieve this/their object;
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of views on matter of common interest;
  • To communicate and represent the interests of members on matters pertaining to advocates.